Postcards From Venus

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
7 hours 9 minutes
The emotional ninth book in the bestselling Nappily series finds Venus dealing with the stress of her husband being suspected in the death of his ex, Sirena Lassiter. Hair loss, sleeplessness, and losing control of her life, family, and
relationships makes her easy prey for the picturesque ads of beautiful beaches, meditation, and daily massages that keep popping up on her Facebook page. She takes the bait for a relaxing women's retreat in Mexico. When she lands, all she
wants to do is take a minute to breathe and get centered. She's got tough choices to make and maybe in the warmth of sunshine and beaches she'll be able to figure out what to do next.
There she makes the unlikely connection with two women, Bunny and Elina, who become fast friends, as well as a mystery man, Gabriel Kahn, who seems to be everywhere she is. The adventure takes a quick spiral off a cliff onto a deserted
island where growth and rejuvenation of the heart and mind take on an entirely new meaning. While stuck on the beach, each day the tide rising higher and higher Venus realizes what truly matters, her family, and will do anything to make
it back home. She only hopes it's not too late.
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