Planet of the Gods

Written by:
Robert Moore Williams
Narrated by:
Phil Chenevert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
1 hour 45 minutes
Far, far in the future Earth has achieved real peace and is sending out interstellar expeditions, not to conquer, but to explore. The third such expedition, has made it to the Vega system and discovered to everyone's amazement, not only a solar system but two worlds circling the Vega sun that seem to have atmosphere and water. And apparently intelligent life is there as well because something tries, and almost succeeds, in blasting the expedition ship out of space before it can even get close to either one. Damaged, with 3 dead men aboard, the expedition ship semi-crashes and seeks to hide from this obviously hostile civilization. The three dead members of the crew are buried and four of the local inhabitants pay a friendly call. Then during the second night on this planet, one of the dead bodies knocks on the door and wants to come in. Something very strange is going on here.
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John R

Good quick sci-fi book to listen to while waiting for next credit

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Allen F.

Although it is recent (about 12 years old), it is dated. It seems like it's 70+ years old. The crew on the space craft are all male military types, most seem like 'grunts' and silly, superstitious ones to boot. No scientists, no PhDs, no civilians, no engineers. Did I mention no females? This is mankind's last and final hope and they didn't think to use a competent HR department. There is basically only one main character on this ship, the wise captain. The FTL drive seems to be based on treadmills. There is no patches for holes in the outer skin of the ship. How do you travel at faster than light and not have protection for a mote of sand? Seriously. On encountering a new alien species their first thought is to man their guns and shoot and no thought to learn about them. First contact?!? The title of the book 'The Planet of the Gods' was a dead give-away of the entire plot. The solution to the catastrophe which has utterly destroyed most of Earth (e.g., all of S. America, Africa, Asia) is solved in a 4-minute epilogue. Smiley faces all around. I'm sorry I listened to it.

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Robert T.

Good read

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Enjoyed the story! Phil does a really good job narrating.

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Mara G

It's too bad it wasn't longer or part of a series! :)

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