Pinot and Pineapple Lumps

Pinot and Pineapple Lumps

Written by:
Jay Hogan
Narrated by:
Gary Furlong
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
9 hours 50 minutes
Penn from Adelaide. That’s all I knew. 

We shared a single kiss over a year ago, and I can still remember every toe-curling second of it. He thought I was too young for him. I thought he was running scared. But that kiss was the first time I’d felt alive in a long time, and I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since—doing my research, a lot of research, a lot of men. Something my protective older brother isn’t too happy about. 

I’ve been through more than most guys my age, and I still bear the scars. My head is not always my best friend, but I’m building a life, PTSD be damned. I can’t turn back the clock, and I’m not sure I want to. 

Except maybe to that moment when Penn kissed me. I mean, the odds of us ever meeting again were slim to none, right? 

Yeah, about that. 

But this time I’m ready. I’m a year older, an ocean of therapy wiser, and I know exactly what I want.


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Amy M.

OMG this one was good, but I am not surprised. Jay Hogan hasn’t let me down yet. These two men both have problems, but I love how they both realize they need to heal both separately and as a couple in order to be healthy. I LOVED this book! I haven’t read the other books in this series yet but I will be soon. (That fact did not take away from my enjoyment, believe me.) Penn has been living as far away from town as possible due to his dysfunctional relationship with his father. His dad, the patriarch and master of Cunningham Wines, is adamant everything must be done his way, even when it hurts the two people closest to him, Penn and his “sister” Tracy. Kurt was badly burned in a set fire at his brother’s coffee shop and suffers from regular panic attacks and some serious PTSD. He chafes under his brother Ethan’s smothering, all done in the name of love. Both men are broken in some way, but their chemistry is undeniable. All of the characters in here were absolutely amazing. I laughed and cried. The books that can make me do both are some of the best ones. There is just a little angst and a whole lot of love. I highly recommend this one!!! And Gary Furlong was wonderful as always. This book was already good but his narration added so much to these characters. He excels at giving them a voice.

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