Perfect Match

Written by:
Jodi Picoult

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2013
14 hours 6 minutes
Jodi Picoult is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books have been adapted for both the small and silver screen. In Perfect Match, she spins a story of a mother who does the unthinkable to protect her child. Lines blur when assistant DA Nina Frost learns that her five-year-old son Nathaniel was sexually abused by a priest. She takes the law into her own hands, killing the man accused. But then details surface clearing the priest and putting Nina's future in jeopardy.
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Joy S.

I'm left feeling very conflicted about this book. The child abuse was terrible, but the parents reactions made me uncomfortable, especially the mom. With all her experience, I feel she jumped to conclusions too easily. I fully understand why she didn't want her son to ever go to court about his abuse. The treatment of victims is horrible, but of all the people who understand the need of being 100% sure before convicting and punishing a possible perp, this woman is no stay at home mom. Going to jail is nothing anyone wants to face, but it's better than losing your life for a crime you didn't commit! Bottom line, we all seem to be too quick to decide and act with too little information and this trend in America scares me!

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Jodi got me again. I always think I don’t want to read about the subject of her book, but I can’t stop after the first page. This narrator is really outstanding also – actually there were multiple narrators, all did a great job.

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Lisa R.

This book is very well acted and draws on the heart strings. From someone who used to work in the criminal justice field it really is sad that someone would be willing to give up everything to save her son from having to relive something so terrible. As a parent, I dont know how we would act when something like this was done. I think anyone would want the same or more but acting on it is completely different then thinking it.

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Jacklyn V.

Interesting twist on a relavent social problem . Shows how “Truth “ is so necessary ! Interesting take on the Justice system . Importance of truth in determining Guilt or Innocence beyond Reasonable Doubt !!

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Alice Powers

My second Jodi Picoult book and I am hooked! the narrator(s) made an already great story even better!

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JoAnn M.

great story and well narrated

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Great story that had a lot of twists. Some of the details were hard to listen to as a parent, but we’ll worth hearing the rest of the story. Great characters and plot development. I didn’t care for the narrator with the grainy voice as much as the other.

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Suzanne M.

Very very interesting. Horrible topic but a necessary reminder

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Joseph Cushman

Very good. Enjoyed it.

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very 2002 which is actually kind of a 90s vibe. multiple narrators. i dislike a female narrator who does gravel-y voices for the male characters. this is what you'll get here.

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Roxie Y.

Great book that kept me listening and waiting for the next plot or twist! This was a free book that I chose at random from my audiobook club and I’m so glad I chose it! I didn’t like the unfairness of the verdict for the main character in the end but I was all in. Very entertaining!

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Emily B.


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This book held my attention and was very different than what I was expecting. The subject matter was quite troubling at times. The narration was very good with different points of view and voices.

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Deborah M.

Piccoult’s books are so socially relevant that I find myself intrigued right away. The message and moral ramifications of the protagonists’ actions were ery subtle in this particular story, but present nonetheless.

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Joanne R.

I was underwhelmed by this book and while I listened to the whole thing it was an endurance trial. I didn't like or connect with the mother. She was just TOO MUCH in everything she did. The apparent lack of feeling for the priest was appalling. As was her lack of feeling for the friend who was in love with her. I even found the cloyingly sweet child annoying! Overall, too many detailed descriptions of emotions, too many words and not enough substance.

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Marissa S.

The book was suspenseful at times. And the storyline was good. But I wasn’t a big fan of the main character. I’m not sure if it was the narrator or her. No. It was the main character. This is the first book I’ve read from this author. I do like her writing style so may give another of her books a try. Not good enough for 4 stars in my opinion.but worth the credit. Kept me entertained.

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Eva G.

Not very believable. Kinda drawn out.

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Tatiana Hummer

Not a Fan. I was drawn out. I thought there was a twist or something. What she wrote was a twist, was predicted . She made it sound like it didn't matter about the innocent victim.

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Sofia B.

This book was so unrealistic it's crazy. Really disappointed with the ending. wrapped too neatly. nothing in life is ever wrapped up so neatly. the voice of the narrator was annoying especially for the 5 year old. why would they make him sound like a little girl?

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Terri D.

Normally I love Jodi Picoult’s books. They are always so researched, so well written and a darn good read. This book almost broke my heart right from the beginning. I did not enjoy the story line nor the characters. I wanted to stop reading this book so many times but something about this book had its roots growing deep and deeper into my soul. I finally made it to the end but did not enjoy the book at all. The grip this book had on me has me questioning the validity of this story even today, several days later. I just hope it leaves my mind quickly and quietly...

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Hazel G.

This was a very moving story. The narrator kept my attention. I have read other books by this author and I can’t get enough.

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Gillian W.

It might’ve been a good book. But every time I stopped it. It went back to the beginning. So to me it is not a good book

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Megan Jaworski

Never a dull moment. Love her books. This one had me holding on to the very end. Wonderful!

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Betty Harrison

A surprise to the very end. A moms pain and anguish for her child very well written.

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Star Pepper

You can always count on Jodi Picoult for a good read, and this one did not disappoint! Another "hard-to-put-down" Jodi Picoult book.

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