Pathological Gambling: How Hypnosis Helps You Overcome Gambling Addiction

Pathological Gambling: How Hypnosis Helps You Overcome Gambling Addiction

Written by:
Antonio Jaimez
Narrated by:
Jackson Anderson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
4 hours 38 minutes
Discover The Transformative Power Of Hypnosis To Overcome Gambling Addiction

Do You Find Yourself Trapped In Gambling Addiction? Have You Tried Multiple Solutions To No Avail, Feeling Increasingly Lost And Hopeless? The Reality Is That, Like You, There Are Millions Of People Struggling With Gambling Addiction, Trying To Break Free From The Invisible Chains That Are Squeezing Ever Tighter. Gambling Addiction Is Not Just A Matter Of Lack Of Willpower Or Discipline, It Is A Complex And Challenging Mental Maze, Where Science And Psychology Play A Crucial Role.

The Deep Problems That Gambling Addiction Conceals

Gambling Addiction Goes Beyond Mere Attraction To Entertainment And Fun. It's A Journey That Takes You Through A Maze Of Self-Deception, Mental Traps And A Relentless Cycle Of Loss And Gain That Resembles An Emotional Roller Coaster. Every Time You Try To Break Free, There Seems To Be An Invisible Force Pulling You Back, Keeping You In A Constant State Of Anxiety, Guilt And Shame. The Lack Of Control Can Become Hopeless, And You May Ask Yourself: Why Can't I Get Over It? Why Haven't Other Methods Worked?

Hypnosis: Your Ally In Overcoming Addiction

The Answer Lies In How Your Brain Processes Information And How Suggestion Can Be Used To Change Your Mindset And Behavior. This Is Where This Book And Hypnosis Make A Difference.

A Journey Of Transformation With Hypnosis

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like After Reading This Book. Instead Of Feeling Trapped And Hopeless, You Will Have A New Vision And A Set Of Tools That Will Allow You To Take Control Of Your Life. As You Apply The Concepts And Techniques This Book Offers You.
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