Paperback Hell: Series 1-3: A BBC Radio Spoof comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
3 hours 47 minutes
All three series of the literary spoof series

Paperback Hell takes a wry look at well-known genres riding high in the publishing charts, and mercilessly lampoons them to hilarious effect. Featuring choice chapters culled from titles that bear a striking resemblance to something you've read before, it's the book show that seems determined to destroy the good name of literature.

These 16 episodes showcase a selection of inexplicably popular bestsellers by imaginary authors, including Romany Cleff's debut chick-lit novel Shopping for Mr Wrong; Edith Plunger's medieval monastic murder mystery A Posset Full of Death; radical filmaker Chuck Morris's account of his trip to the Hay and Wye literary festival, You Suck Bush; and Jack 'Sunglasses' Ramsey's not-entirely-true memoir of life in the 1960s criminal underworld, Stop the Dodgems, I Want to Throw Up.

Plus, the Napoleonic Wars invade the airwaves as suspiciously fictional author Alexander Cromwell narrates his military adventure, Thrust's Eagle; celebrity lifestyle gurus Gilly Haberdasher and Dr Graham Golden share excerpts from their tie-in book to the hit TV programme, How Not To Live; and there's a chance to experience a young woman's erotic awakening as 'Anonymous' reads from a specially adapted version of Forbidden Fire (which contains sex scenes that some listeners may find strangely disappointing).

Written by Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell (The Museum of Everything, Young Dracula), this witty, entertaining send-up stars Michael Fenton Stevens, Rebecca Front, Mel Hudson, Alex Lowe and Dan Tetsell.

Production credits

Ghostwritten by Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell
Produced by Lucy Armitage
Original music by Ben Walker

Starring Michael Fenton Stevens, Rebecca Front, Mel Hudson, Alex Lowe and Dan Tetsell
With Michael Brandon (Series 3, Episodes 1 and 2)

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 16 January-6 February 2003 (Series 1), 7 July-11 August 2004 (Series 2), 5 October-9 November 2005 (Series 3)

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