The Pagan Hammer

The Pagan Hammer

Written by:
Andrew Clawson
Narrated by:
John Pirhalla
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
9 hours 43 minutes
A Viking king. A fallen empire. Only one man can stop it from happening again.

Harry Fox just wants to know the truth. About his father's amulet. About his mother's death. But two Viking drinking horns with an incredible secret are about to change his plans.

When the horns go missing from a dig site, Harry Fox is pulled against his will into a deadly chase to unearth a lost path left by history's most fearsome warriors - Vikings. At stake? The fate of a nation. What Harry finds will reveal the truth behind the collapse of the ancient world's most powerful nation - the Roman Empire.

But Harry isn't the only one in this race. A modern-day Norse warrior intends to claim the lost Viking treasure and upend European order. As they hurtle across ancient Scandinavian lands on the trail of Viking royalty, Harry must outwit his most dangerous adversary yet to preserve a nation and save the only family he has left - before the Pagan warriors destroy it all.
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