Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living

Written by:
Nick Offerman
Narrated by:
Nick Offerman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2013
10 hours 50 minutes
Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life, manliness, meat, and much more in his first book.

Growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, wooing a woman—who better to deliver this tutelage than the always charming, always manly Nick Offerman, best known as Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson?  Combining his trademark comic voice and very real expertise in woodworking—he runs his own woodshop—Paddle Your Own Canoe features tales from Offerman’s childhood in small-town Minooka, Illinois—“I grew up literally in the middle of a cornfield”—to his theater days in Chicago, beginnings as a carpenter/actor and the hilarious and magnificent seduction of his now-wife Megan Mullally.   It also offers hard-bitten battle strategies in the arenas of manliness, love, style, religion, woodworking, and outdoor recreation, among many other savory entrees.

A mix of amusing anecdotes, opinionated lessons and rants, sprinkled with offbeat gaiety, Paddle Your Own Canoe will not only tickle readers pink but may also rouse them to put down their smart phones, study a few sycamore leaves, and maybe even hand craft (and paddle) their own canoes.
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Great book! Very funny and some true gems of wisdom. Paddle on!

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This book was not interesting. It ruined my views of Ron Swanson and will forever make me like the show slightly less.

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alan tolcher

Horrible book. I don't have a problem with people having their own views but when you belittle other peoples' views, that I don't like. Didn't appreciate this book and bummed that I'm no longer a Ron Swanson fan.

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Brent C.

Loved this book!!

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Cris Sayago

A great book with both satirical and poignant observations/anecdotes. Nick Offerman is a man who has spent his career paddling his own canoe and has come out the better for it.

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Funny and witty, Nick Offerman gives his story and two cents about life and values. Worth it.

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Donna P.

I couldn't finish this book. I thought it bounced around and often sounded like a lecture.

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Alan K

I completely agree with the author and also have not yet found a better audio book. I loved it! Outstanding job Mr. Offerman, thank you for sharing your crafty and amazing life. I wish the best for you and keep on being you fine Sir.

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James T

Just a manly read book about being an all American.

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Valur A

Like spoken from my own hart, if my hart was outrageously funny and had a mustache. Just brilliant

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Meagan Fox

I love it. I agree with everything. He is the bomb.

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Brian Denner

Nick Offerman is one of my personal heroes. This book chronicles his upbringing and subsequent life experiences. With each story comes a lesson and an opinion that I can get on board with. If you are a fan, this is a great listen. If not, a fresh worldview that's both thought-provoking and entertaining. Enjoy.

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Nick Teensma

Great book. Though, you really need to be a huge Nick Offerman and/or Ron Swanson (of Parks and Recreation) fan to truly appreciate it and just simply "get it." Personally, I really respect Offerman's brutal honesty, wit, and general demeanor about life. Very old school in a new way … if that makes sense. Thank you, Penguin Audio and Mr. Offerman (and!

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Carson Metzker

It's very good. Offerman is very talented, and has had a very interesting life in Hollywood. Definitely worth listening too. He's Ron freaking Swanson

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Chelsea Kohfield

It was interesting to hear Offerman's background and upbringing, though it did have some dull moments it was overall not too bad. The book had me chuckling at times with Offerman's witty commentary and also having feelings of conviction about living more of a simpler life.

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