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OverRuled: A Cozy Mini Mystery Series

OverRuled: A Cozy Mini Mystery Series

Written by:
Jwyan C. Johnson
Narrated by:
Priscilla Broussard
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 32 minutes
It's a 'street fight on a chessboard' with courtroom war king Miles Turner and The Jury Whisperer. An unorthodox defense attorney seeks to manipulate manipulation itself as a tiger in the political jungle that 'lyin' teamwork has become.

Book 1

All rise in the courtroom for a cozy whodunit murder mystery, a case the media calls the Mic Drop. Controversial rap star Flex switches lawyers for the new courtroom war king Miles Turner and The Jury Whisperer to beat this all-or-nothing charge. Or will an equally matched prosecutor rhyme “guilty” with “he’ll be?”

Book 2

After DNA evidence is lost, a domino-effect of politics becomes a trial sure to set two defendants free on technicality. But defendant Barry Sych becomes a murder mystery one day before trial. And legal fingers are pointing at their very own prosecutor! Is the law finally catching up to serial killer Karma? Or will its players find themselves too close to its target than anyone is ready to realize?

Book 3

Miles Turner switches lanes, to civil trial, as attorney Sue A. Lott is seeing red in a ‘yellow light’ making others turn green… with envy. But what are the real twists and turns in Ally Rhodes? Feel the impact of an outsmarted Smart Alec and a not-so-Silent Knight.

Book 4

It’s another ‘street fight on a chessboard’ as Criminal Justice leads a coin-toss, exploring the flip sides of Pretty Penny, Lucky Penny, and Penny Saver. One prosecutor believes just one Penny makes ‘sense.’ It's a courtroom war sure to collect every penny and ‘make change.’

Book 5

Only a window knows if Robin Moore was robbin' more. With nothing stolen, and a single gunshot in the dark, was this really dad's burglary for child custody? And why is the little girl still missing?
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