Only a Bad Boy Can Love Her

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
13 hours 21 minutes

Balance was my everything.

Growing up as a classically trained ballerina with dreams of being a professional dancer, balance was my life. Everything about me depended on it; my diet, my temper, my sleep and waking schedule. I even dedicated myself to rigorous yoga and martial arts training to learn how to maintain focus by balancing my breath.

Balance was literally my everything.

Living like this came with several rules and I was the kind of person who didn’t mind following them. Rules were made to protect me; they kept me safe. And I never had issues following them but, to be totally honest, I never once had a reason not to.

At least, not until I met him.

My name is January Luckeisha Murray, daughter of the honorable Janelle Murray and Luke 'Outlaw' Murray, the infamous leader of the Black Bag Mafia, an underground crime society. Most know me as the apple of his eye, a cherished mafia princess who always followed her father’s rules about staying out of the
public’s eye. But now daddy’s little girl is all grown up and I’m ready to share my story.

This is a story about the time when I decided to break all the rules … The time I fell in love.
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