One of Us Is Dead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
9 hours 22 minutes
The highly anticipated new thriller from the USA Today bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage.

Opulence. Sex. Betrayal … Sometimes friendship can be deadly.

Meet the women of Buckhead—a place of expensive cars, huge houses, and competitive friendships.

Shannon was once the queen bee of Buckhead. But she’s been unceremoniously dumped by Bryce, her politician husband. When Bryce replaces her with a much younger woman, Shannon sets out to take revenge …

Crystal has stepped into Shannon’s old shoes. A young, innocent Texan girl, she simply has no idea what she’s up against …

Olivia has waited years to take Shannon’s crown as the unofficial queen of Buckhead. Finally, her moment has come. But to take her rightful place, she will need to use every backstabbing, manipulative, underhand trick in the book …

Jenny owns Glow, the most exclusive salon in town. Jenny knows all her clients’ secrets and darkest desires. But will she ever tell?

Who amongst these women will be clever enough to survive Buckhead—and who will wind up dead? They say that friendships can be complex, but no one said it could ever be this deadly.

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I was so nervous about my selection, but this book turned out to be amazing. It's a good vacation or poolside book.

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sheresa riley

I enjoyed this story

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Really enjoyed this book. Alot to follow but the twists and turns keep you guessing!!

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fun listening. good suspense all the way to the end.

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Nancy C.

really liked this book, initially thought it would be gossiping women but the end was clever with the twist!. Would read it again

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Diane Morgan

I really enjoyed this book. So many times, I thought I knew who did it only to have it change my mind a paragraph later. Great suspense!

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Rekha Mungra

thrilling and super entertaing loved the characters loved the way story billed up...highly recommend this book.

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Jennifer S.

Kept my attention. Murder mystery but also fun and light hearted at the same time

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This just wasn’t for me. I absolutely love suspense thriller’s, but this one was lacking for me personally. The writing was good, yet the storyline was lackluster . It could have been so much more. The narration was the only thing that kept me listening to this book.

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Heather B.

This is the book I needed. I hit a run of just so-so books in my reading this year. This book started off with capturing my attention and keeping it. Typically, I'm not interested in high-society women and their antics, but there was something different about this book. I enjoy a good mystery and guessing the who-done-it. In this book, I couldn't even guess who took the bullet. I found the ending very satisfying. The narration crew did an excellent job too. Having multiple narrators the right production decision. I would read this author again.

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Rosanne J.

I enjoyed it for the most part but there was a lot of filler. The most interesting were the chapters near the end of the book.

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EmilyElisabeth W.

Enjoyed the various narrators and aspects. Definitely worth listening!

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Amy A.

couldn't stop listening!

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Heather J.

Loved this book!! So juicy and gossipy with a mystery!

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Amy G.

Amazing plot twist!

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Kept you interested throughout

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Sharon K.

Ugh- terrible

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It was a good book and I really liked the duel POV’s. I wish the men in the book were narrated by someone with a deeper voice though.

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This was well written and it had me sucked in until the end.

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