One Night to Forever

Written by:
Zenithra Black
Narrated by:
Ebony Mendez , Jameson Adams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
4 hours 19 minutes
What happens when you go to Vegas and turn up more than usual?
Turning 23, all Jamina wanted to do was have fun for her birthday with her best friend, Laila, without her boyfriend, Daniel Bianchi, breathing down her neck.
However, her path changes when she meets Vincent Esposito, a demon mafia leader, during her birthday weekend.
Things take a drastic turn when Jamina wakes up, not only with a massive hangover, but a wedding band on her left ring finger. So, it seems that's what happens when you do most unexpected things ever, not thinking there will be hell to pay.
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