On Point: Life Lessons from the 'Columnists' Interviews in WSJ. Magazine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
5 hours 18 minutes
From WSJ. Magazine's popular monthly 'Columnists' feature, ON POINTis a collection of inspiring wisdom for the modern age.

'Good advice,' says writer Cheryl Strayed, 'is simply about sharing your perspective.' This concise, but powerful insight is one of the countless invaluable lessons shared in On Point. Here, hundreds of luminaries, across a diverse spectrum of professions and backgrounds, offer their hard-won knowledge 'On Success,' 'On Fear,' 'On Solitude,' 'On Obsession,' 'On Risk,' and about dozens of other compelling and universal topics. Based on WSJ. Magazine's 'Columnist' page, which debuted in 2013, ON POINT collects the very best of these interviews, from Dwayne Wade on Discipline and Simone Biles on Impulse to Yoko Ono on Patience and Sarah Jessica Parker on Transformation. The result is a beautifully designed, giftable book that informs, delights, and inspires. Each of the 250+ entries in ON POINT is accompanied by an iconic stipple drawing of the contributor.
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