Omega's Obsession

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
8 hours 40 minutes
Liv DeSoto has always been in love with her brother's best friend. Her obsession with him only grew when she perfumed as an Omega, and his Alpha scent became her own personal addiction. Dean, however, acts like she doesn't exist.

When Liv finds out that he's joined Heat Haven with a trial pack, it all comes together. With her first heat due any day now, who better to help her in this time of need than Dean and his two incredibly handsome future packmates?

Liv's obsessive tendencies lean towards stalking and 'borrowing' some of the pack's belongings. River and Grayson, the Beta and other Alpha of the pack, flourish under Liv's compulsive nature.

The only thing standing in her way of true happiness is Dean and her father. Money, deceit, and status rule Liv's family. She's willing to risk it all for these men. Are they willing to do the same for her?

Contains mature themes.
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Bailee H.

Omega’s obsession is the perfect mix of crazy, sassy, and spicy. As expected from the title, this falls within the Omegaverse (omegas, betas, alphas, knotting, heats, and pack dynamics). The Heat Haven series as a whole is a great place to start if you want to try the Omegaverse. For me, Sarah has the perfect mix of slice-of-life cozy with enough drama to keep the story moving, and Omega’s Obsession is my absolute favorite in the series. Unlike other Omegaverse books I’ve read, all of the characters feel different and have very distinct personalities making them all feel special. The audiobook was amazing! I’ve read this on my Kindle, in print, and now on audiobook. The audiobook didn’t disappoint. It bought the characters to life for me in a way that had not happened before. To be honest, I forgot that River was a native New Yorker, and when the character had this New York accent, it brought something new that I didn’t know I was missing before. This book is ACTED out and for me, this did not bother me during the smutty scenes. However, if this bothers you consider this your warning. I think the biggest disappointment for me on the audiobook side was I personally had a hard time distinguishing the character voicing between Dean and Grayson‘s chapters. That’s a super minor complaint and overall the audiobook was an amazing way to consume Omega’s Obsession. It’s fast-paced, smutty, unhinged, and makes you fall in love with three different men. River is the best and I don’t care what that says about my mental health but Daddy Grayson and Swoony Dean with Liv’s quirky optimism make this my ALL TIME favorite pack.

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Jessica H.

This was a reread for me! The narrators really brought the book to life. Scarlett Dorian put her all into this one. I was wowed! Great audio and glad to have this in my library!

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