Officers and Gentlemen

Written by:
Evelyn Waugh
Narrated by:
Christian Rodska

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2012
9 hours 0 minutes
The 'wise, amusing, and beautifully written' (Commonweal) second installment in Evelyn Waugh's masterful trilogy of World War Two novels.
Fueled by idealism and eagerness to contribute to the war effort, Guy Crouchback becomes attached to a commando unit undergoing training on the Hebridean isle of Mugg, where the whisky flows freely and respect must be paid to the laird. But the comedy of Mugg is soon followed by the bitterness of Crete, where chaos reigns and a difficult evacuation must be accomplished.
Officers and Gentlemen is the second novel in Waugh's brilliant Sword of Honor trilogy recording the tumultuous wartime adventures of Guy Crouchback (called 'the finest work of fiction in English to emerge from World War II' by the Atlantic Monthly), which also comprises Men at Arms and Unconditional Surrender.
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