Offed in the Orchids

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
6 hours 50 minutes
Book 15: Lovely Lethal Gardens
Riches to rags … Finally it’s calm … At least for the moment … If she’s lucky …
Needing a break from all the murder and mayhem, Doreen and Mack plan an outing to see the local orchid show. Some of the displays are in the community center, but the more prized specimens of this genus require a visit to some of the gardeners’ homes, a rare opportunity not afforded to everyone.
This trip, not quite a date, affords Doreen a chance to enjoy not only the company of Mack but to get to know a few more of the colorful locals. But, when one of these locals ends up dead just after their visit, the dark underbelly of orchid growing is exposed and, with it, an old murder, … not to mention another new one.
Doreen and Mack just can’t catch a break. But can they catch a killer before he kills again?
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