Of Magic & Moonlight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
5 hours 39 minutes
Turns out almost getting murdered and finding out you're part of a thought-to-be-extinct bloodline makes people notice you.

Sucks when you have so many damned secrets to hide.

Between a forbidden romance with my Arcane History prof, an accidental familiar bond with two shifters, and what I suspect about the Magistrate, hiding the truth is becoming impossible.

As if I also need to be tormented by the ghosts of my insane ancestors . . . thanks, universe.

While I attempt to uncover more about my dark heritage, Cal and Adrian try to solve a mystery of their own: shifters from other packs are going missing, and all the evidence points to witches.

But then they vanish, too.

Going against everyone's warnings, I set off on a risky crusade to find them. What I will encounter along the way is more terrifying than I ever could've imagined-and could shake the foundation of the witching world forever.
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