The Oath

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
13 hours 8 minutes
When HMO executive Tim Markham is hit by a car during a morning jog through his exclusive San Francisco neighborhood, he has the bad luck to be transported to one of his own hospitals…and winds up dead in his ICU bed. But in spite of the rumors about his company’s substandard care, this death appears to be a case of malice, not of malpractice—especially after Markham’s entire family is gunned down in their home.

Lt. Abe Glitsky has strong suspicions about a doctor with opportunity, means, and motives to spare. But working up a case against Eric Kensing might not be easy, especially when Glitsky has to rely on two bumbling rookies to gather the evidence. When defense attorney Dismas Hardy takes Kensing on as a client, both Glitsky and Hardy have to worry not only about losing the case, but about losing a best friend as well. And as the investigation leads to something bigger than they expected, they may both be in danger of losing their lives as well….
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Jacqueline Martin

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS A SPOILER Omg.... Stomach wrenching at the end!!! Thank you for NOT killing off Abe.... Great book and excellently read!!! Wowzers...... Right to the end!

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