Not That It Matters

Written by:
A. A. Milne
Narrated by:
LibriVox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
5 hours 39 minutes
More of the witty, wry, and deliciously wicked essays and articles written by Milne. Most people know him as the creator of Winnie The Pooh, but he worked for many years as editor of Punch Magazine and these are some of his best. Not That It Matters is a collection of over 40 of these short stories and articles. Not That It Matters collects his columns for Punch, which include poems, essays and short stories, from 1912 to 1920. Most of his writing pokes fun, both gentle and not so gentle at a variety of topics. They vary greatly in length so there should be something for everyone. Milne wrote in a thoroughly British atmosphere and for a thoroughly British audience so some of his references may need a bit of research for those 'not of the Empire' (like me) to understand. (Summary by wikipedia and Phil Chenevert)
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The narrator ruined this book for me within the first few minutes. I was weaned on Milne, so was looking forward to reading about him in his own words. But this narrator has the most peculiar way of dwelling on a random series of words and drawing them out as if for dramatic effect, and then rushing through the next few. His inflection, too, seems unrelated to the content of the material: rising and falling apparently at random. And why an American? The entire cadence of the language is rooted in rural, middle class Sussex, England. Surely a reader could be found who could believably embody the idiom and life experience?

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