Northern Knight: The Anarchy Series Book 3

Written by:
Griff Hosker
Narrated by:
Malk Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
8 hours 44 minutes
The Emperor Henry of the Holy Roman Empire is dying and his wife, the Empress Matilda is in danger from those who would use her to gain the title and the power, King Henry of England sends Alfraed of Norton to rescue her and avoid a war. With enemies from France, Flanders and the Empire as well as Norman traitors, the handful of Northern Knights have to fight across Europe and back. A fast moving novel which moves from Germany to the Scottish borders in the turbulent times of the early twelfth century when friends could become foes overnight.
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Mark B.

Hosker begins these series with promise but two factors quickly emerge to disappoint, lead characters seem to be short of any flaws , and the lack of character development makes the supporting cast monotone . These were brutal times men were not woke. Nor were they Christian democrats . Hosker seems to be preaching at times .

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