Northanger Abbey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
8 hours 2 minutes
Northanger Abbey is the earliest of Jane Austen’s mature novels. Although scholarly opinion is that the book was actually completed in the late 1790s, it was not published until after the author’s death in 1817.

The plot follows the usual trajectory of a young girl falling in love and the relationship becoming compromised by unforeseen circumstances. In this case, Austen’s heroine is a naïve country girl, Catherine Morland, who has an addiction to reading the Gothic horror novels which were so popular in the Regency period. When she is invited to stay at the family seat of her love interest and discovers it to be a vast and ancient castle, her romantic imagination runs riot. What secrets lie hidden in this vast pile over which the widowed head of the house exercises an iron control?
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