North & South

Written by:
Elizabeth Gaskell
Narrated by:
Jenny Agutter

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
2 hours 20 minutes
North & South By Elizabeth Gaskell. This classic book is brought to you with the following track listing 1, New Lives. A move to the country is followed by a surprising proposal. 2, A Change Of Circumstances; A crisis of conscience and a fait accompli for Margaret and her Mother. 3, North Versus South; A misunderstanding, family disgrace, and a grave illness. 4, Industrial unrest; A heroine falls foul of strikers as the boss's pride is wounded. 5, Thwarted Hopes; A marriage proposal snubbed and a deathbed reunion. 6, False Conclusions; Frederick seeks justice to clear his name, and a jealous lover mistakes a stranger's identity. 7, A Friend Indeed; A death leaves Elizabeth alone but help is at hand. 8, Happy At Last; A new found fortune and a just spirit unites north and south. This production is read for you by Jenny Agutter, most famously known for her role in The Railway Children. Jenny is an accomplished and multi talented actress performing on screen, stage and TV.
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