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Noble House

Written by:
James Clavell
Narrated by:
Ralph Lister

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
54 hours 50 minutes
The epic novel of espionage, betrayal and turbulence in 1960s Hong Kong by the #1 New York Times bestselling author and unparalleled master of historical fiction, James Clavell

Taking place over the course of an eventful week in 1963 Hong Kong, James Clavell’s Noble House is a masterfully woven novel of true suspense.

Ian Dunross, the current tai-pan of the illustrious yet financially troubled Struan empire, is racing to undo the damage his predecessor left behind and to once again stand on stable ground. And he’ll do whatever it takes—including striking a hard-fought deal with an American millionaire. But his rival, Quillan Gornt, has other plans. Suddenly caught in a dubious plot involving Soviet spies, Hong Kong’s criminal underground, and the hostile takeover of his company, Dunross holds nothing back in the fight for the Noble House.

Espionage, mayhem, and high-stakes betrayals make Noble House Clavell’s most prolific and imaginatively crafted narrative in the Asian Saga.
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Walter G.

this is the second or third time I read this book in the last 30 years I really enjoyed it I think about James clavell's Asian series I like this almost as much as I like Shogun there were a lot of layers to it a very good book

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Charles A.

I read this book over 35 years ago. It was very good but having it read, unfortunately, makes it boring. I couldn't finish it.

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Richard S

An all time favorite and the range of the reader gave huge effect to the authors words! Beautifully done!

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Suzi G.

Great series. Wish the interludes between books were MUCH shorter! I would have like to have known about Blackthorn's life in "Shogun" and how the Shogun shaped feudal Japan. What Tess does AFTER Malcolm dies. What lengths Angelique and her husband go to to destroy Noble House. I wish there would have been specific books about "The Noble House" in closer incremental years then the vast years that the series is set over. We go from Japan being opened to the west, and then to "modern" Hong Kong in the 60s. Gee....what awesome events that happened from 1800s Japan trading and modern "times$.

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Charles Richardson

Excellent This is one of the most exciting books I have read, but is it really reading when you listen? The excellent story and narrator made my daily commute change from a drag to not long enough. Enjoy...

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