No Score: A Chip Harrison Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
4 hours 41 minutes
Here’s Chip Harrison—the second series character created by Lawrence Block, bestselling author of A Walk among the Tombstones …

Chip’s debut in No Score opens with the lad orphaned and cast adrift by the loathsome headmaster of his prep school. Thus unfolds a picaresque tale in which young Chip travels far and wide, determined to make his way in the world and somehow shrug off the awful cloak of virginity. This earnest and endearing Lecher in the Wry finds work as an assistant to Gregor the Pavement Photographer (whose wife keeps him forever on Third Base, and won’t let him steal home) and employment as a Termite Salesman. He falls in and out of love, and, well, you’ll see.
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I really liked other Lawrence Block books, but this one was a huge disappointment. It's only 4 hours long and I managed to listen to three hours, wondering when we would get to the aventure, before finally giving up. I think I was just getting to the "nightmare of danger", but I couldn't take it anymore! The basic premise is that 17 year old Chip Harrison is looking to lose his virginity, and that's it! Lots and lots of soft porn scenes with hopeful but never fullfilled expectations (hence the title, No Score). Either it's really just an excuse for a soft porn story, or I missed the point somewhere. Maybe it's because I'm a woman. Young men might get off on it. The narrator was good though, which is probably why I listened as long as I did.

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