No Commitments: Series 10-13: The BBC Radio 4 comedy drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
11 hours 11 minutes
The final four series of this BBC Radio comedy drama about sisterhood and sibling rivalry

In these final four series, Anna is trying to remain calm and centred in the midst of the familial chaos that surrounds her. Her sisters Victoria and Charlotte are more combative than ever, and when a row blows up between them, Anna is stuck in the middle.

Having graduated from university, her niece Emily is preparing for marriage and motherhood. But her wedding plans cause ructions, as Victoria and Charlotte make her celebrations all about them. The baby's birth sends Victoria into competitive granny mode - while Anna receives a heart-warming surprise.

Having dallied with a string of lovers, Charlotte finally gets engaged - but there are more twists to come in her complicated love life. Her professional life is in turmoil too: with daughter Gisele starring in a TV series, will Charlotte keep chasing her own big break as an actress, or try and make it as a model instead?

As the sisters look forward to new beginnings, one thing is certain - they'll always have each other...

Scripted by Simon Brett, this hugely popular comedy stars Rosemary Leach as Anna, with Angela Thorne as Victoria, Celia Imrie and Felicity Montagu as Charlotte and Lisa Coleman as Emily.

Written and produced by Simon Brett
Music composed by Elizabeth Parker, BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Anna - Rosemary Leach
Victoria - Angela Thorne
Charlotte - Celia Imrie/Felicity Montagu
Roger - Bill Nighy/Jonathan Coy
Eddie - James Greene
Emily - Lisa Coleman
Nick - Kieran Hill
George - Bruce Alexander
With Sheila Mitchell, Richard Syms, James Vaughan, Bridget McConnell, Rowland Davies, Richenda Carey, Bruce Alexander, Judy Flynn, Marianne Borgo, Stephen Thorne, Bill Wallis, Colin Starkey, Susan Jameson, Jon Glover, Chris Emmett, Joanna Monro, Michael Simkins

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 28 January-3 March 2004 (Series 10), 19 January-23 February 2005 (Series 11), 26 April-31 May 2006 (Series 12), 11 April-16 May 2007 (Series 13)
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