No Boy Summer

Written by:
Amy Spalding
Narrated by:
Cassandra Morris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
8 hours 57 minutes
This summer we’re going to hit reset, and that means no boys.

Lydia and her younger sister Penny have had it with boy drama. Penny, the driven, organized sibling, makes a plan for them to stay with their Aunt Grace in Los Angeles while their parents are off on a European cruise. There, Penny follows her
future-business-school dreams with an office internship, and Lydia gets a parttime job at her aunt’s neighborhood coffee shop.

Before long, Lydia finds herself drawn to a new group of friends, as well as an intriguing customer, Fran, who’s an aspiring filmmaker and, while not the first girl Lydia has fallen for, is the first girl who likes her back. Even though Lydia knows
she’s bending the rules of her pledge with Penny, she hasn’t had a connection with anyone as strong as the one she has with Fran.

With everything else in her life finally starting to make sense—friends, feelings, and the future—she thinks it can’t be wrong to follow her heart. And Penny won’t mind, as long as she’s happy … Right?
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