Written by:
Karina Halle
Narrated by:
Jo Raylan , Nelson Hobbs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
10 hours 12 minutes
My name is Amethyst DeMille and I'm in love with a vampire. Sounds complicated, doesn't it?

Yet the fact that he's a sexy, centuries-old blood-drinking vampire isn't what makes our relationship complicated.

It's because we live in the same house together, work at the same exclusive club together, and he happens to be my best friend with absolutely no idea how I feel about him.

I mean, sure he's probably seen me give him heart eyes more than once. Can you blame me? Wolf is not only a deadly, charismatic vampire with great persuasion skills, he also happens to be built like a Nordic God, all solid muscle and chiseled bone structure and haunting eyes that I sometimes think tell me more than he wants me to know. He's the type of guy most women find themselves falling for (and not just because they might end up his next meal).

But despite the simmering sexual tension and yearning between us, I know there's no way I'll ever be able to tell him how I feel. After all, I'm a human and he's a vampire and he's told me more than once that those love stories never end well.

Too bad my heart doesn't know the difference.

Contains mature themes.
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