Night: New translation by Marion Wiesel

Written by:
Elie Wiesel
Narrated by:
George Guidall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2006
3 hours 30 minutes
An enduring classic of Holocaust literature, Night offers a personal and unforgettable account of the appalling horrors of Hitler's reign of terror. Through the eyes of 14-year-old Eliezer, we behold the tragic fate of the Jews from the little town of Sighet. Even as they are stuffed into cattle cars bound for Auschwitz, the townspeople refuse to believe rumors of anti-Semitic atrocities. Not until they are marched toward the blazing crematory at the camp's 'reception center' does the terrible truth sink in. Narrator George Guidall intensifies the emotional impact as blind hope turns to utter horror. His performance captures the profound agony of young Eliezer as he witnesses the suffering and death of his family and loses all that he holds sacred.
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Awesome book on the Holocaust from a man who was there and survived some words are graphic in his descriptions but well worth understanding this time in history never to be forgotten

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Vicki Dunn


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Chris L.

Utterly captivating, profuundly moving, and absolutely brilliant narration.

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LaMarr A.

Why can't our nations school libraries and history classes highlight and drive required student reading?! What a powerful and informational but sobering history that is provided. Narration superb.

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Carolyn C.

Horrible to hear how inhumane human beings can be to one another based upon our differences. Heart wrenching for me but, alas, beautifully written and narrated.

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Vincent I.

The narrator did a wonderful job reading. He kept my attention and I looked forward to listening each day.

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Ger Faughnan

It was the narrators delivery that helped to deliver a deeply moving story. The story upset me many times. Man's inhumanity to mankind! A graphic and moving book.

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