Night Magic: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
4 hours 30 minutes
Mixing magic and street smarts, bounty hunter and P.I. Aster Night always gets her man. Except when it comes to . . . literally getting a man.

Thanks to a curse placed on the Chastity coven centuries ago, she can't get busy with anyone until she marries a man from the sanctimonious, boring, holier-than-thou Koda coven.

Yeah, no thanks.

Instead, she finds a way out of the curse on her own, breaking it with such a bang that she ends up naked with one sexy as sin man and making some major emotional and physical connections with his two, oh-so-alpha clan brothers.

Brooding, secretly sensitive Rake brings her body savagely to life, bad boy Finn awakens her darkest fantasies, and deeply loyal Damon makes her want to believe in happily ever after.

Her love life is looking up, until she's hired to track down a serial killer preying on witches, and learns her three new boyfriends were once romantically involved with one of the victims.

Now, she has to choose-her heart or her career.

Yes, Rake makes her laugh, Finn makes her knees weak, and Damon makes her feel safe in a way she never has before, but these men are too close to her case.

So close she's afraid one of them might become a killer's next victim . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Magical scenarios aren't really my thing and there is not much character or plot content to provide context for the sex scenes. Disappointing.

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Gege M.

HOLY HOT MENAGE! This book is filled with steam. I was surprised at my reaction to this book. The story line was interesting and different and a little weird. The narrative was good.

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Great Erotic Paranormal Book with a good story line. But.... I could not get use to Holly Jackson narrating erotic scenes, if you e never listened to other light funny books she’s narrated it may workforce you.

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