Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Written by:
Neil Patrick Harris
Narrated by:
Neil Patrick Harris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
7 hours 15 minutes
You’ve already made a great choice by picking up the audio edition of NEIL PATRICK HARRIS’S CHOOSE YOUR OWN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. This hilarious book has been adapted especially for the audiobook edition so you’ll hear all of the same fun and humor from the printed version but you don’t have to make any decisions or jump around—just kick back, relax and listen. Plus, it features exclusive bonus audio of young Neil delivering an adorable speech! That’s audio you won’t hear in any version of this book other than the audiobook!

*This edition includes a bonus PDF with recipes and a crossword puzzle
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Linda F

Not your average autobiography! Neil has an off-the-wall sense of humor and uses it to make his memoirs really entertaining. Instead of writing in the first person, he names his life “yours” and tells “your” life story, even though it’s his. You are offered the chance to choose, from time to time, what you want to hear about, but it’s all in fun and keeping with a “choose your own adventure” type kid’s book. On the audio you can’t really choose, but it’s ok. NPH is honest and shares a lot of personal details. He shares his talents, his personal life as a gay man, husband and father and you get to meet some incredible people along the way.

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Sonya K.

Hilarious beginning to end

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Dunja D

great listen! NPH is hilarious, witty, fun, entertaining, honest, a truly amazing storyteller! would recommend even if you are not a hardcore nph fan. and did i mention funny?

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Trisha B

I love NPH. I love getting onsite into his life. He is such an interesting and talented person.

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Egle Z.

It is a playful read, a lot of fun to listen to. NPH is a great entertainer. Don't miss the additional content, provided in a PDF.

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Terry A. W.

Certainly a different sort of biography writing style but it works with NPH narrating. It may not have worked as an audiobook without him. If I wasn’t a big fan of NPH before listening to this, I am now.

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Regine L.

What a fun book! Neil Patrick Harris has written his autobiography as an adventure book. A book where you can decide what happens next, and which chapters to flip to. As this is an audiobook, flipping through chapters isn’t possible, but, you still get to hear all the different options. It’s fun. What’s also great about the audiobook version is that he has included the audio clips of e.g. his speech about optimism when he was eight years old. He has a marvellous sense of humour.

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Gina R.

Horrible premise do not waste your money.

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Kim s

If you are a fan on NPH then you'll absolutely love this book. And if you aren't then you'll still enjoy it because it's funny, real, gritty, and touching. I learned a lot while listening. I definitely recommend

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Raelene Bridges

Omg I want to marry David after listerning to this book. It was funny, entertaining and made me fall more in love with NPH. Well worth the listern. Highly recommended this book.

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Erin Cauley

While the intended structure of this book (Choose Your Own Adventure) was lost in the audio version, this book was still touching, funny, and REAL. If you are a fan of NPH you must listen. He is a wonderful narrator!

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Becca Eller

Amazing! The amount of love in every page is absolutely inspiring. Reading this makes me think Neil Patrick Harris may be the luckiest man alive. Everyone should read this book right now!

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Erin Denmark

What a fun and entertaining way to do your autobiography. I just loved it! You e had quite an incredible journey. I'm truly happy that you have had your dreams come true. I will recommend this audiobook to many. I will actually miss hearing about your adventures. Thank you for writing and narrating this book.

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