The Murmur of Bees

Written by:
Sofía Segovia
Narrated by:
Angelo Di Loreto , Xe Sands

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
14 hours 23 minutes
From a beguiling voice in Mexican fiction comes an astonishing novel—her first to be translated into English—about a mysterious child with the power to change a family’s history in a country on the verge of revolution.

From the day that old Nana Reja found a baby abandoned under a bridge, the life of a small Mexican town forever changed. Disfigured and covered in a blanket of bees, little Simonopio is for some locals the stuff of superstition, a child kissed by the devil. But he is welcomed by landowners Francisco and Beatriz Morales, who adopt him and care for him as if he were their own. As he grows up, Simonopio becomes a cause for wonder to the Morales family, because when the uncannily gifted child closes his eyes, he can see what no one else can—visions of all that’s yet to come, both beautiful and dangerous. Followed by his protective swarm of bees and living to deliver his adoptive family from threats—both human and those of nature—Simonopio’s purpose in Linares will, in time, be divined.

Set against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution and the devastating influenza of 1918, The Murmur of Bees captures both the fate of a country in flux and the destiny of one family that has put their love, faith, and future in the unbelievable.
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Tricia G.

Such a beautiful story. It was hard to stop listening. Narrators voices made the book even more beautiful.

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Well woven story, captivating

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Carol M.

The story is sometimes confusing with the overlapping timelines. But it all comes together at the end. I very much enjoyed the narration. I enjoyed the mystery of the origin of Simonopio and that the writer did not try to explain it.

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Lia N.

This book is gorgeous. Very reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The narrators read as though acting in a film, with wonderful emotions and spot on accents. I highly recommend it.

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Claire M.

Loved this story and the beautiful relationship between brothers. A bond that survives through a lifetime. Such a poignant ending and a beautiful reminder to experience life through all your senses.

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Charming, I loved it all. The two voices and twists. So ironic to compare it to today’s Covid circus!

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enjoying the book very much. illucidating and yet non-technical.

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