The Motive

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
14 hours 41 minutes
It starts with a double homicide. Because of the high profiles of the victims—a politically connected socialite and his glamorous fiancée—the mayor of San Francisco herself demands that a high-ranking detective be put on the case. And so Abe Glitsky is thrust into the controversial investigation.Dan Cuneo, the officer already working the case, is immediately wary of Glitsky and doesn’t hide his distrust. Matters are made worse when Cuneo starts to focus on his primary suspect—who also happens to be an old girlfriend of Dismas Hardy. For Hardy and Glitsky, this is an awkward and uncomfortable coincidence. But for Cuneo, it’s proof positive of collusion, and yet another instance of Glitsky cheating with his insider friends and cronies.Convinced that Hardy’s client is the wrong suspect, Glitsky breaks ranks within the police department to continue his own investigation. As Hardy’s murder trial builds to its stunning conclusion, Glitsky’s search for the truth does more than fuel suspicion against the two men. It reveals a trail of deception that leads beyond San Francisco, where exposing desperate secrets can be the most deadly offense.
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Brenda B.

This book fully engaged me until the last 20% or so, when it suddenly went sideways down a whole different path. That last bit, in my humble opinion, was either unnecessary altogether, or perhaps just not segued as smoothly as most of Mr. LesCroat’s work. I also found myself very angry at one of the characters and her choices, which in turn indicated how fully engaging the book was overall. This is a good series.

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