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Moonwitch of Crushtide Island.

Written by:
Tracy Tandy
Narrated by:
Lisa Lindsley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
6 hours 12 minutes
Spring has finally arrived in Dreamhaven. Nick, Smoke and Rose revel in warm sun on their fur and the promise of long carefree days to come. Unfortunately, the cunning moonwitch, Impolora, has other plans for them.
Impolara has discovered that cats really do have nine lives. She’s convinced that she will too – and rule the Realm of Dream – IF she can lure, Rose, the one-and-only Dreamdancer to Crushtide Island.
Smoke sets off on his first adventure on the open road, and he is far from home and his beloved sister, Rose, when Impolara slips in and out of Dreamhaven to leave behind a chilling “gift.”
Eleven-year-old Mark and the cats soon discover that Impolara’s threat is as wide as the moonlit sky. And they are all pawns in her treacherous game.
Can a handful of friends – feline, human and magical – save Rose and stop Impolara’s plot to rule Dream forever? They’ll risk everything to find out.
Set in 1840’s Europe, this adventure will take listeners from the enchanted village of Dreamhaven to the volcanic shores of Crushtide Island. Leap into Moonwitch of Crushtide Island, Book II in the Dreamhaven series. Read by Lisa Lindsley, voice of League of Legends’ Saroka and Kayle.
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