El Moonlight Over Mayfair

Written by:
Anton Du Beke
Narrated by:
Thomas Judd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
11 hours 36 minutes
'London, 1937. With a new king in place, tensions are rising in London and across Europe. Shaken by the Great Depression and with talk of another war coming, the Buckingham Hotel is trying to regain some stability. Upstairs, Vivienne Edgerton is desperate to do something worthwhile with her time and her stepfather's money, rather than spending it on frivolity and debauchery—but will this land her in even more trouble? And downstairs, chambermaid Nancy Nettleton is finally starting to feel more settled at the Buckingham and hopes her brother will soon call London home too. But she misses the man she loves, demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise, who is noticeably absent from the Grand Ballroom dance floor. The staff and guests of the Buckingham soon discover that, in a hotel full of secrets, there's always someone listening...'
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