Moon Tortured

Written by:
McKenzie Hunter
Narrated by:
Jorjeana Marie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2017
13 hours 24 minutes
Nothing is ever what it seems-including me.

The Midwest Pack has three goals: Protect the pack. Protect the pack. And yeah, protect the pack.

I have my own goal: Live a simple life and hope no one ever discovers that the quiet young woman next door turns into a wolf.

All my efforts go up in flames when a vampire attack draws the attention of the Midwest Pack. The next thing I know, I'm staring down Ethan, a handsome and alluring alpha, as he demands to know what I am. Not who. What. The pack was warned that I'm not just a werewolf but a weapon-one that could be used against them.

A weapon? Me? I'd love to dismiss it as a case of mistaken identity, but I've become the supernaturals' Most Wanted overnight. The vampires have put a bounty on my head. A necromancer attempts to kill me in a room full of people. And a mysterious witch is watching me far too closely for comfort.

The only thing standing between me and certain death is the pack, but we're definitely not on the same page. I want to lie low, go back to my typical life, and live to fight another day, while their MO is 'seek, confront, and destroy.'

And depending on the answers we find, the enemy they destroy . . . might be me.
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Andrea T.

It is rare for me to leave a review -- I like all books, good/bad/ugly. It is even more rare for me to leave a bad review. I STRUGGLED to finish this book. I'm not sure what it was about this story that didn't capture me. The female lead was a bit off-kilter for me. I understand her angst about her mother, the guilt she struggled with, etc. I didn't connect with her though. I was not overly thrilled with the narrator either, although she did a fairly decent job. I can't really put in words what made me not enjoy this book. I just didn't. I'm sure I won't be reading the rest of the series though. I think the story has a lot of potential. Maybe a rewrite and editorial would help??

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I enjoyed this story once I’d got used to the accent of the Narrator & her monotone speech - it’s an easy story to follow - I’ve moved on to the next book already..

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don't know what to say, few glitches in the narration but not too bad, and really interesting story

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Racquelle M

Good story, though I struggled with the narrator. Maybe I've been listening to too many British narrators, haha.

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Jennifer Hammond

pretty good book

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Jackie H.

I read the series several years ago and started listening to it for a long travel. I have to say I love it just as much this time as the first.

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Tina W.

I honestly hated this book - the lead, Skyler, did not make one good/smart decision - she was selfish, self- indulgent and extremely irritating. I rolled my eyes every time she did something - she was so ridiculous. I rather preferred Winter and Joan - I think a book about their lives would be far more interesting. I listened to the entire book because I thought she’d finally get a clue … no such luck. Narrator did a decent job with what she had. I wouldn’t continue this series even via Book Club.

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Really enjoyed this book. It was my first audio and did not disappoint.

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Valerie M.

unbearable.... Narration is pretty good, but the story isn't and I have not been able to get through it.

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i liked the story of Skyler , im going to listen to the second book.

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Female character took too much crap from the other characters. Pretty sad

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Stacey V.

Liked it enough to move on to the second one. :D

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The Rudy Files

Storyline is awesome. I liked that it's not a predictable love story. The characters are individual and bought to life well. The only thing letting the books down for me is the almost amateur writing where the character has situations that could end their life but they decide to 'keep it to themselves for now'. It's an easy way of making something more dramatic but it's annoying and predictable. The narrator did a fab job.

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This book series is one that I keep reading over and over, highly recommend.

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