Mist Dragon

Written by:
D.K. Holmberg
Narrated by:
Matt Godfrey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
9 hours 33 minutes
The dragon misfits are the key to saving the dragons of Lorach but they must act before a stranger destroys them.

Jason has secured a tentative peace for Dragon Haven. With his control over illusion, and the Lorach threat thwarted for now, his time is spent preparing for the next attack, knowing the Dragon Souls will not be easily stopped.

An old ally to Dragon Haven returns, but Jason questions his motives-along with his techniques. Now Jason must choose whether to stop the Dragon Souls or save them.

Stopping Lorach for good might mean destroying the captured dragons. It's a choice Jason fears to make, but doing otherwise means betraying those who have come to rely upon him.
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A lot is going on in this book, but it is easy to follow. Jason's power continues to increase.

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Carolyn O.

This book in the series moved a little slow. But now I'm into the next one and the action has resumed and I'm loving it...

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