The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution: Proven Strategies to End Overeating, Satisfy Your Hunger, and Savor Your Life

Written by:
Lynn Rossy, PhD
Narrated by:
Melinda Wade

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
7 hours 47 minutes
"What are you really hungry for? Is it food, happiness, or something else? In this unique book, mindfulness expert Lynn Rossy offers a proven-effective, whole-body approach to help you discover the real reasons why you’re overeating.

In The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution, Rossy provides an innovative and proven-effective program to help you slow down, savor each bite, and actually eat less. This unique, whole-body approach will encourage you to adopt healthy eating habits by showing you how to listen to your body’s intuition, uncover the psychological cause of your overeating, and be more mindful during mealtime.

If you find yourself eating without thinking, because you feel bored or sad, or simply because you’ve had a hard day, indulging here and there is understandable. But emotional eating can often spiral out of control, leading to obesity, diabetes, and heart problems in the long run. The whole-body program in this book will help you learn how to listen to your body’s needs, so that you can stay healthy and happy, without giving up your love for food. In fact, according to a recent study, women in the author's Eat for Life program reported higher levels of body appreciation and intuitive eating and lower levels of problematic eating behaviors than did the wait list comparison group.

If you want to lose weight, feel better, and truly enjoy your food, the easy-to-use strategies in this book will show you how—one mindful taste at a time."
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Ellen S

This Audiobook offers some really good tools to overcome unhealthy eating habits and gives you the push you need to become aware of your eating. Recommend!

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Denise N.

This book is a precious guide to how make a good food decisions and how to leave without guilt and a pleasure. The meditations exercises are pretty amazing and very powerful.

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I think I find the solution to end up over eating . Cuz all my life saving money goes on food

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