Midnight Crossroad [Dramatized Adaptation]: Midnight, Texas 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
7 hours 7 minutes
The town of Midnight sits on a veil between the living and hell and this supernatural thriller takes a journey into that remote Texas town where nothing is what it seems.
Take a trip to the small Texas town where only outsiders fit in with the first dramatized audiobook in #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris’ paranormal mystery series.
Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and the Davy highway. It’s a pretty standard dried-up western town.
There’s a pawnshop with three residents. One is seen only at night. There’s a diner, but people stopping there tend not to linger. There’s a newcomer, Manfred Bernardo, who just wants to work hard and blend in. But Manfred has secrets of his own...
Performed by Ken Jackson, Tia Shearer, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Matthew Bassett, JW Rone, Alejandro Ruiz, Amanda Forstrom, Bradley Foster Smith, Colleen Delany, Danny Gavigan, Eli VanZandt, Elias Khalil, Evan Casey, Gail Shalan, Holly Adams, Karen Novack, Matthew Schleigh, Michael John Casey, Nanette Savard, Nhea Durousseau, Nora Achrati, Rayner Gabriel, Richard Rohan, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Scott McCormick, Steve Wannall, Terence Aselford, Thomas Penny and Tracy Lynn Olivera.
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Very fun read

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