Written by:
Eve Langlais
Narrated by:
Veronica Fox

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
5 hours 55 minutes
He never expected to lead a rebellion.

Metatron has been by God's side for eons. A leader in battle. A loyal and unflinching servant until he finally sees the cruelty in some of his commander's orders.

When he discovers a lost colony planet, his only thought is to help save its inhabitants from the threat Hell poses. Only, demons aren't the only thing he must guard against.

His heart becomes involved when a vexing Templar Knight questions everything he's ever stood for. Francesca isn't about to let God-or anyone for that matter-dictate how she should live, or who should die. She's ready to fight in the coming battle, not just against Hell but Heaven too, and the angels must choose a side.

Metatron can only hope humanity is right when it claims love conquers all.

Contains mature themes.
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