The Mechanics of Lust: A Mackenzie Country Story

Written by:
Jay Hogan
Narrated by:
Gary Furlong

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
10 hours 46 minutes
I broke the rules and fell in love with my best friend. Newsflash. He didn’t feel the same. I had to stand by and watch him fall for someone else. Moving on hasn’t been easy since we all live and work on the same high country sheep station, but I’m finally getting there.
I’m building a new life, a new set of dreams, planning a different future, just me and my dogs. The last thing I need is Luke Nichols, the sexy, enigmatic, ex-husband of my nemesis, filling my head with a laundry list of cravings. Talk about complicated.
Luke is only in Mackenzie Country for a few months and I’m not about to put my heart on the line again just for a little fun. But the more I’m around Luke, the harder it is to remember exactly why Luke and I are a bad idea, the worst idea.
Things between us are about to go nuclear.
Maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe we can keep it simple.
Maybe I can satisfy my cravings and hold on to my heart.
And maybe pigs can fly.
Note: This book contains references to the past loss of a child.
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