MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Narrow Escapes & More Close Calls

Written by:
Steven Rinella

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
5 hours 4 minutes
Ten harrowing firsthand tales of survival from the creators of the New York Times bestselling audio collection MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls.

In Campfire Stories: Narrow Escapes & More Close Calls, storytellers take us from Florida to the Northern Rockies to the Arctic Ocean with wild and true stories, a reminder that the natural world is rugged and unpredictable. Including stories from MeatEater's Steven Rinella and Clay Newcomb, and spearfishing champion Kimi Werner, this immersive audio collection also features tales from listeners who survived falling through the ice, gunshot and arrowhead wounds, hand-to-hoof combat with a deer, and a spearfisherman who made the best shot of his life to save a friend from certain death. 
Campfire Stories: Narrow Escapes & More Close Calls features tales from MeatEater crew members Steven Rinella and Clay Newcomb • with additional stories by Vince Merritt • Allen Jones • Kimi Werner • Roy Getson • Casey Frank • Cory Holloway • Cameron Kirkconnell • Bruce Batten • and Vic Barnes.
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David A.

Great true stories had me on edge of my seat.

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Peter M.

Fantastic stories!

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Derek N.

Amazing book!

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Christopher A.

Great stories…so suspenseful and interesting!

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Good listen

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Matt H.

bound to be great!

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