Mayo Clinic Guide to Home Remedies: Self-Care Solutions for Everyday Health Concerns

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
9 hours 54 minutes
Will drinking orange juice help prevent kidney stones? Is it true you can get rid of bad breath by chewing parsley? Does caffeine improve or worsen a headache? Today, greater responsibility is being placed on individuals to take steps at home to stay healthy and manage and prevent everyday injuries and common illnesses. This has been triggered, in no small part, by the rising cost of medical care and limited access to healthcare professionals. This practical guide from the experts at Mayo Clinic can show you how to minimize your risks of disease and injury. And in the event that something should happen, it outlines necessary steps to help treat the condition until it's resolved or you can see a healthcare provider. The information is straightforward, easy to understand and easy to find, with topics arranged in alphabetical order. The book doesn't replace the advice of a healthcare professional, but it can help you manage problems safely at home, and it may even prevent disease or injury.
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