Masters of Seduction: Books 1-4 (Volume 1)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
9 hours 50 minutes
In the realm of the Incubi Masters, pleasure is to die for and love is the deadliest game of all . . .

Lara Adrian's Merciless: House of Gravori-Seeking vengeance for the murder of his brother, Incubus Master Devlin Gravori demands justice from the high court of the Nephilim.

Donna Grant's Soulless: House of Romerac-Incubus Master Canaan Romerac is focused on revenge against those who betrayed him. That is, until he sets his eyes on Rayna.

Laura Wright's Shameless: House of Vipera-Incubus Master Scarus Vipera has grown weak, and the only thing that will strengthen him again is Rosamund, the power-rich female of the Harem.

Alexandra Ivy's Ruthless: House of Xanthe-Jian, Master of the House Xanthe, has devoted his life to his family. The last thing he expects is to encounter an angel who stirs more than his lust.

Contains mature themes.
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