Married to a Rich Gangster

Written by:
Tatum James
Narrated by:
Georgie Kimble , Ace Bentley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 56 minutes
Kenya Higgs has the perfect life, at least from the outside looking in. Her husband Boston is handsome, wealthy, and he showers her with extravagant gifts like every day is Christmas. Kenya gets to rub elbows with the most affluent people in the community and take vacations at the drop of a dime.

Kenya’s life is perfect, that’s if you don’t consider the unspeakable things going on behind the arched doors of their breathtaking mansion. Under the threat of violence from the very hands that promised to love and protect her, Kenya is forced to watch her husband parade beautiful women in and out
of their home, even bringing them along on their vacations. When Boston reveals his plan to move his pregnant girlfriend into their home, Kenya draws the line and decides to run away from her abusive husband.

Rowan Ford, affectionately known as the platinum rapper Death Row, fell in love with his best friend’s wife the first time he laid eyes on her. For years, he’s watched the woman he loved be with another man in silence. When Rowan find’s out just how deep Boston’s reign of terror goes, he knows the only
thing he can do is go up against his mentor and friend. When he finally gets the chance to free Kenya from her husband’s shackles, he vows not to take it lightly.
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