The Marquesas Drift

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
6 hours 29 minutes
Hanna and Alex thought a getaway on Key West and the Marquesas Keys would be a healing experience after devastating chaos and trauma back in South Carolina . . . until a friend's abduction ignites an unimaginable series of calamities.

Hanna Walsh continues to suffer post-traumatic stress following her deadly encounter with a crazed killer during a drug bust led by her husband, Charleston County Deputy Alex Frank. A week away in the Florida Keys on a friend's sailboat seemed the best therapy to aid in her recovery.

When the wife of Alex's friend is abducted in Key West, Alex and Hanna join local law enforcement and the FBI to secure her release. When everyone involved in the kidnapping starts ending up in the local morgue, the reasons for Maya Hillard's abduction begin to reveal themselves, implicating a range of suspects and conspirators, including local Key West lowlifes, a wealthy Saudi art buyer, a grizzled treasure salvager sea captain, and his sons.

The deadly mystery plays out across the glorious waters and Islands of the Florida and Marquesas Keys, and the always quirky town of Key West.
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