Mark of Evil

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2014
13 hours 7 minutes
In the final installment of The End series, economies have collapsed, freedom has been suppressed, and peace is a distant memory.

The world is falling apart. Joshua Jordan’s protégé Ethan March, along with Jimmy Louder and Rivka Reuban, have been left behind in a world that is rapidly coming under the complete influence of the Antichrist.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds with BID-Tag implants, robotic police units, and drone-bots flying overhead . . . all designed to control and dominate those who resist the Antichrist’s reign of evil. As Biblical prophecy is fulfilled each new day, Ethan and the others in the Remnant struggle to eat, to procure necessary goods, and to avoid the Global Alliance—in short, to survive.

But when the forces of evil attempt to pervert the world’s most powerful information system to their own sinister ends, eliminating everyone who gets in their way, it’s up to Ethan and the Remnant to subvert their dark ambitions.

From New York Times bestselling author Tim LaHaye, creator and co-author of the world-renowned Left Behind books, Mark of Evil is the final thrilling chapter to The End series.

- Futuristic Christian political thriller
- The final installment of The End series
- Book 1: Edge of Apocalypse
- Book 2: Thunder of Heaven
- Book 3: Brink of Chaos
- Book 4: Mark of Evil
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Another fantastic audio book; although fiction the last book of the Bible - Revelations is the basis of prophecy used in the story line.

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Barry C.

This was a great series from front to back. I don't know what's going to happen after God comes and gets his folks, but this series illustrates some stuff that will likely happen to some degree. I know that the narrator was a lot different than the previous narrator who read the other books in the series, but I liked him! His British accent was right on! He kept me listening, and I finished the book way too fast! The Mark of Evil was a really great last book for this really great series. I recommend it to anyone who really likes the Book of Revelation, who is paying attention to the signs of the times, and who really likes Tim lahaye is writing.

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Robert R.

At first, the continual bible-thumping got on my nerves, but it wasn't so bad once I accepted it as a side effect of living in a fantasy universe where God actually intervenes with reality. What really put me off of this book was the point at which the author started to describe the internet in terms of a magical force that you can restart if seven magical key cards are brought to the special alter/console/whatever. This book might be more attractive for people who are used to accepting things without understanding them, but that makes it more fantasy and less science fiction.

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Tami Gravert

The story is great! But the Narator is terrible. His character voices are good. but he speaks slow and breathy then whispers a lot. He made me think of Captain Kirk and the way he spoke. The last part of the book was sped up like they needed to

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