Marius' Mules III: Gallia Invicta: Marius' Mules Book 3

Written by:
S. J. A. Turney
Narrated by:
Malk Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
17 hours 44 minutes
It is 56 BC. As Fronto and his friends' winter in Rome and Caesar in Illyricum, trouble is brewing in the north. The tribes of Armorica, driven to desperate action by the harsh rule of Crassus, raise their standards in defiance of the Roman eagle, causing a chain reaction that threatens everything the legions of Caesar have achieved. Meanwhile, in Rome, the conspiracies against Caesar take an unexpected turn, plunging Fronto and his friends into a world of crime, violence and intrigue that threaten everything the legate cares about. In a year that takes the legions and their commanders to the Atlantic Ocean, the treacherous Pyrenees, and the seething underbelly of Rome, everything is about to change for Marcus Falerius Fronto.
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Chasi Daviau

I’m obsessed with this series of novels. I got the first one in the VIP lineup but didn’t hold out any hope that it would be great but they are! You get really into the characters throughout all of the books and there’s a lot of great history and action to keep it entertaining. It stops at 7 here but there are 13 books so I need to see them get the rest of the series in.

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Yonas T.

I am really enjoying this series of books. Amazing story telling. The narrator is fantastic. I got first one via VIP. Its like watching a movie and I would love to see a series made out of this. Thank you SJA Turney.

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