Manatee Bay: Magic

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
3 hours 57 minutes
This summer will change everything...
From #1 Amazon Author, Amy Rafferty.
When Annie’s ex-husband goes missing, she puts their differences aside to search for him.
But when he turns up with a bullet wound and paler than death, Annie knows she’s seen it all.

What has Roger done this time, and who is after him?

And why will Roger trust no one but Tom, his lifelong rival, with his secret?

Annie needs answers only Tom can give her, but she can’t stop him from carving his way back into her heart…
The newcomers at her childhood home – where life began with a promise and dreams ended before they began –are not what they seem.
Irresistibly handsome and utterly bewitched by Annie, Finn St. James plays a game that has her grasping at straws, drowning in a sea of uncertainty and betrayal…
Until the letters and marriage documents they discover in Tom’s attic bring a fresh avalanche of revelations.

But their luck has saved the best for last.

A face from the past shakes the calm waters of Manatee Bay. One Annie thought she got rid of years ago…

Dive into the heart-swirling adventure of Manatee Bay: a life journey of friendship, family, dreams, fates colliding, and old loves rekindled.

This is book 6 of 6 in the Treasure Seeker Beach Romance series.
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