Manatee Bay: Dreams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
3 hours 27 minutes
What would you do for the greatest love of your life, Annie?
Annie fears this question with a passion.

While she and her family fight mother nature’s wrath raging outside the Inn’s walls, the unexpected happens…

A murder mystery drags her into a vortex of secrets involving her ex-husband and two powerful families in Manatee Bay.

Who killed Darcy Wilke? And what is Rochelle, Roger’s fiancée, hiding?

It’s time for the group to embark on another wild hunt in search of the hidden evidence…

Until the storm separates Annie and Tom from the search party and forces them to spend time together.

Annie believes love always deserves a second chance, but she has to get over Tom and live a happy life without him.

Especially now that he’s dating her best friend.

Annie’s bleeding heart was trying to be happy that Dianne had finally found happiness.

But just in time…

A passionate kiss Annie and Tom can no longer fight, and the wrong person in the wrong place and time ruin everything.

Annie is not ready for Dianne’s confrontation, but when she discovers what her friend has to share, her life will never be the same again.

This was no longer about her lost chances at love.

This is about life and death.
The storm rages on in the next Manatee Bay adventure: a tumultuous saga of lifelong friendships, family secrets, fates colliding, and old loves rekindled. Will you join the journey?
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