Making the Cut

Written by:
Anne Malcom
Narrated by:
Emma Wilder
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Release Date
July 2018
13 hours 53 minutes
Gwen Alexandra does not need a man in her life. Especially not a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello's love child. One wearing leather, riding a Harley, and covered in tattoos.

Gwen can bet every pair of her Manolos that Cade Fletcher is trouble. From the moment she meets him, the attraction sizzles between them. Gwen has a problem when it comes to attractive men in motorcycle clubs. The last one she got involved with almost killed her.

After healing physically, Gwen decides to get a new start in a small town, half a country away from the man who nearly cost her her life. She isn't in town five minutes when she runs into Cade, a man that is too sexy and dangerous for his own good.

She tries to keep away from him, to ignore the attraction between them. But the biker has other ideas; soon she is in way over her head, and her heart and her life are in danger once again.

Contains mature themes.
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The Heidi

Wow now that is a lot better than most of the MC books I've read. He's a alpha, she's strong, he shows her the respect she deserves.

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Never in a million years would a woman who had been through that terror have gotten involved with another biker. Just not believable.

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Ashante Williams

Really liked this book. It was proof that when it rains it pours not there's always something happy that comes after the storm. The heroine went through it in this book. I mean it was a constant sh*t storm.. but she was still strong despite everything. No damsels here. Great supporting characters as well. Cade and Gwen are

Making the Cut
This title is due for release on July 31, 2018.

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Making the Cut
This title is due for release on July 31, 2018
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Making the Cut
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Making the Cut

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